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Is My Credit Report Important?

Have you seen the ads in the newspapers and magazines or read the signs nailed to telephone poles: “We Fix Credit Problems?”  or “We eliminate bad debt.” It sounds like it should be easy  for your credit report to be spotless again. The truth is, bad credit does not vanish by paying someone to remove it. Of course there …

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I’ve Decided to Buy A Home, what should I Know?

Buying a home is an exciting, as well as daunting experience. It is also more than likely your biggest expense. Before you  find the home of your dreams you need to answer a few important questions. This could make the difference between your dream home staying that way or it becoming your largest burden. 1. How Much …

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Why do I need to hire a Real Estate Agent?

There are a lot of reasons to hire a real Estate Associate, but the first question would be to determine your motivation. The obvious question is of course are you looking to purchase a home for your family, sell your present home, or even invest in a property to fix up and resell or …

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Are Foreclosure Properties really a bargain?

Have you wondered if you can really buy a foreclosure and either make it your primary home or as an investment property to lease or to flip. Of course the simple answer is yes you obviously can do so, however there are a lot of unknowns that you should familiarize yourself Buying and Investing …

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Mission Statement:

Azure Realty Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our customers and clients in a fair, honest and transparent manner.

Our culture demands the full satisfaction of our customers and clients. In addition, we strive to be socially responsible to our community, to our planet, and to our people including our customers, clients, associates, employees, and vendors, and vendors.


Vision Statement:

Our Vision is to be known as the most socially responsible boutique real estate company. We treat our people in a trustworthy, honest, transparent and ethical way to help as many people as possible to reach the American Dream.

Whether it is through a Home for their family, an investment in their future or in resolving a financial burden. In addition, we hire only associates and employees who feel the same responsibility to our community, our planet and our people.