There are a lot of reasons to hire a real Estate Associate, but the first question would be to determine your motivation. The obvious question is of course are you looking to purchase a home for your family, sell your present home, or even invest in a property to fix up and resell or as potential income property.

Each of these different scenarios  have their own questions to be answered and a real estate associate would be able to help you in each case. But in general, why do you need to hire a licensed Real Estate Associate?

As we all know, in the past Real Estate Agents would take us out and show us homes in a particular neighborhood that we happen to have an interest in seeing. Now in the age of the internet, and Google and the other numerous websites dedicated to real estate. We are able to see the homes we are interested in from our home computers, our laptops, our tablets and of course our smart phones and other mobile devices.

So in reality when we are ready to move, we more than likely have chosen the neighborhoods we are interested in living in and we have already chosen the homes we would like to actually  see, so you may feel that the Real Estate Agent is not necessary.

But in reality, the Real Estate Agent’s real work begins when you are ready to make an offer, in that the agent will help you determine a fair market value for the property so that your offer will be considered by the seller.

If you require financing in order to purchase your home, the agent will help guide you to your best financing options through a local mortgage broker.

Since the sales process can be tedious and requires lots of disclosures and paperwork to complete the contract. They would be able to explain all these regulated disclosures and complete the contract to present to the seller.

In addition, upon making the offer, they will act as a buffer in the negotiation process. Since buying and selling a home can be very emotional for both parties. At times it is best that they stay at a distance until an agreement has been reached.

Once the contract is executed, the agent will help you in having the necessary inspections completed for not only your own knowledge, but for any insurance requirements. They will coordinate with your mortgage broker to ensure the proper documents have been submitted and also meet with the appraiser to ensure an easy process.

Finally, they will coordinate with the closing agent/title company to ensure the property is free and clear of all liens on the closing date. Then walk you through the property prior to the closing to ensure there have not been any changes to the property prior to your obtaining possession.

At that point you would all meet for the happy occasion of finally closing on the property when it becomes your new home. So as you see, showing you the homes is actually the best part of a long process that your Real Estate Agent has guided you through.

If you would like more information on the real estate process, or are considering buying or selling a home. Please contact us and one of our Associates would be happy to guide you through the process.

Rene Sabatini

Azure Realty Services, Inc.


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