As of this morning, it is official, the Kingfisher Bridge has reopened with no fanfare. Over the past year and half or so, I have heard numerous comments regarding the delay. I have even read some articles and editorials in some of our local newspapers and magazines.

Granted, the bridge was supposed to be completed last spring and there were additional delays due to damage to neighboring homes and seawalls. But as we all know, when it comes to repairing and rebuilding our infrastructure, there are always unforeseen problems.

As some of the comments I’ve heard, it has been a little inconvenient, but in reality it is a back road so we shouldn’t be speeding through our neighborhoods anyway.

As my Mom lives on one of the side roads that have been used as one of the detours, I have seen quite few people zipping along so fast that I wondered if they even knew there were children in the neighborhood.

But for the most part, I must say, I am happy that the bridge has been closed. You might be thinking that I must be kidding or even crazy to say so.

But the truth is, I am really happy that it has been closed. And yes, I am now glad that it has finally reopened.

But you must be wondering why I would think that way or even write about it. Well in the first couple of days of this year, there was an electrical fire at my Mom’s home that was caused by faulty Christmas lights.

Now you may be asking what the bridge being out and a fire at my Mom’s house have in common. Well as I said earlier, my Mom lives on one of those streets that was used as a detour for the bridge.

It just so happens that this particular fire started early in the morning and a passerby saw the flames as it started to inundate her home. This person, who I wish to thank profusely, stopped and started banging on my Mom’s door and startled her awake. By that time the neighbor was also awakened and came over to help and then the Lighthouse Point Fire Department came out to extinguish the fire. Of course the house was extensively damaged, but thankfully my Mom and her pets were all safe and sound.

So even though the bridge has been an inconvenience for most of us. I am glad it was closed because it may have saved a life, in particular, that of my Mom.

I tell you this not only to remember what is truly important. But that next time we are annoyed by yet another road construction detour, in the end it is being done for our benefit.

On a final note, maybe the City of Lighthouse Point should host a block party on the bridge to celebrate its reopening! And also the fact that it will be another 50 years before they have to redo that particular bridge.

What do you think?

Rene Sabatini

Azure Realty Services